Trail of Lightning Read Along, Part Three

We’re fast approaching the final chapters here, and there’s been no shortage of surprises already. Maggie’s and Kai’s search for a solution to their monster problem brings them to a contact of Ma’ii’s – after it takes them to an unexpectedly welcoming refuge…

Let’s discuss Trail of Lightning. (Spoilers follow for chapters 19 through 28.)

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Stakes are getting higher and seemingly more personal for Maggie, as she finds more backup in her fight that she can’t seem to simply walk away from… How do you feel about ‘found family’ stories, and do you think that’s what we’re getting here? What do you think of Grace and her family?

I hope that’s what we’re getting, because the other likely scenario is that Grace and her family might not survive, or will be threatened somehow in ways that Maggie doesn’t expect. I don’t necessarily have a problem with that so long as they don’t end up simply being written in as “motivational angst” for the MC and dying horribly later on. No thank you. I will happily take the option of Maggie finding the protective, supportive, caring family unit she deserves. I loved everything about her interactions with Grace, from the “equally hard-ass women” introduction at the bar to Grace telling Maggie what she thinks of Neizghani and the way he left her, with no sugarcoating the pill. It paints a picture of a future for Maggie where she can be more than the hard-edged killer we were introduced to, without necessarily having to give up those aspects of herself that make her good at what she does. It also potentially lightens some of the darker story aspects that had me a little worried at the beginning; I would much rather read a story that allows Maggie to change her worldview at least a little, than one that railroads her into being The Cold-Hearted Killer. So, yes. Gimme the found family arc, please and thank you!


We find out more about Kai in these chapters – specifically, that Maggie isn’t the only one with clan powers – after a particularly brutal run-in with Longarm. What’s your verdict on how Maggie handled the corrupt cop, and has your opinion of Kai changed with this reveal? If so, how has it changed?

… That particular plot turn wasn’t politically on the nose at all, was it? Jesus.

I don’t think Maggie was wrong to respond lethally, though. For one thing, it’s what she does, and for another, if she hadn’t done it Kai might not have survived. So while this is undoubtedly a very charged topic, I think that scene played out about as well as it could have. Unfortunately.

As for Kai … I’ll be honest, the possibility of him having clan powers as well hadn’t occurred to me, and I’ll admit I feel a bit foolish for not thinking of it! After all, we know well by now that Kai’s role in this is as a sort of opposite number/better influence to Maggie; why wouldn’t he have healing powers to answer her killing strength with? And yes, my opinion of him has changed a bit; I trust him more now than I did, I think – but something’s telling me that there’s still more to his story than we know. I just can’t put my finger on what it could be.


Ma’ii’s method of transportation was an interesting one, and it raises the fact that Neizghani isn’t the only one with a ‘signature’ that involves lightning. Do you think it’s possible (or even likely) that Neizghani’s involvement in this mystery is a red herring?

I still think Neizghani is going to show up sooner or later, but no – I’m not convinced he’s the one who’s caught up in all this the way Maggie thinks he is. I mean, the other likely suspect is a literal trickster god. Come on now.

… On the other hand maybe that’s what I’m supposed to think? I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING HELP.


What do you think we can expect from Maggie’s visit to Shalimar? Nothing but trouble, or will she get what she’s there for?

Both? I’m guessing both. Or possibly hoping for both. *Grin*

I mean, we can safely assume there’s going to be a twist, right? There’s always a twist. We’re heading into the final chapters – there can’t NOT be a twist. It’s the rules. And let’s not forget that there’s a trickster involved here. Oh god what’s going to happen. OH GOD.


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