Mission Status Update: Collecting data

Another adventurous week has passed, and it’s time to review the Sci-Fi Month data logs! Hold onto your seats.


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In keeping with my agreement with imyril, we’ve split the recap duties again this week, and oh boy do I have a pile of fun lists, discussions and random treasure for you! Let’s take it from the top…

There’s been plenty of participation in Top Ten Tuesday this week, and I am loving it! Several of us apparently also love our artificial intelligence, with this subject popping up all over this week’s lists. Lauren at Always Me and Mervi at Mervi’s Book Reviews got in on that action, with some excellent selections.

Annemieke at A Dance With Books shared her SF recommendations since last year’s SciFi Month, while Sarah at Hamlets & Hyperspace put a spotlight on some choice picks from her sci-fi TBR.

Meanwhile, Jess over at Jessticulates chose to tackle that timey-wimey stuff and focus on her time travel TBR – she also kicked off her week with some 5-star TBR predictions! I love to see that sort of optimism.

Elsewhere in the lists, Tammy at Books, Bone & Buffy was looking to the future to bring us 12 Young Adult SF books to read in 2020, while Avada Kedavra at Bookish Muggle is planning what to read next year. Lisa at Lisa’s Books, Gems & Tarot is also considering what she’d like to read from her SF pile, while Caitlin G. at Realms of My Mind has a short but sweet list of 5 authors who have written SF she’d like to try.

Diversity is always a hot topic, and it’s a reading factor we welcome here at Sci-Fi Month HQ. Avery at Red Rocket Panda tackled it by bringing us ‘We Have Always Been Here’ – a list of 6 SF books written by diverse authors from their TBR. Kaleena at Reader Voracious also offered up a list of diverse YA science fiction books they love.

Five is also a nice number for lists! Lauren at Always Me returned with a selection of 5 Stunning Debuts, while favourite sci-fi TV shows are in the spotlight over at Cupcakes & Machetes. Sticking with the visual media theme, Anouk at Time for Tales and Tea presented their top 3 disaster movies! And in another post, Anouk also ventured into space to bring us books set on spaceships (both read and to be read)!

Rounding out this week’s lists, Lydia Schoch shares some plot twists she didn’t see coming; Louise at Exploring by Starlight looks at SF tropes and themes she loves – and hates; and Caitlin G. is back, shaking things up with a look at her favourite sci-fi video games!

*Rests busy typing fingers for a minute*

I said there was Random Treasure too, didn’t I? Well, I did not lie, friends. Sometimes we just like to discard restrictions and write what we like, right? Right!

*Cracks knuckles*

The Friday Face-Off meme was pretty popular this week, and the topic of choice was that favoured classic: Robots! Here’s who picked their sides:

Tammy also brought us Future Fiction #46, with some cover reveals and newly discovered SFF. Jess also returned with her weekly Shelf Control and Reading Right Now features, while Mogsy had another edition of Waiting on Wednesday for us and Lauren brought another round of 50/50 Friday and the Friday 56, featuring Leviathan Wakes!

Elsewhere in the treasure pile, there’s Mayri‘s Fun for Monday with 5-star Books in 5 Words and Brittany at Perfectly Tolerable brought us sci-fi war stories to mark Veteran’s Day, while Michael at Nashville Bookworm celebrated the best of Terrance Dicks, to mark the Doctor Who writer’s passing.

Annemieke turned out a Sci-Fi A to Z, while I ended my week with another movie night livetweet, this time rewatching Star Wars: The Last Jedi; Laura Tisdall recapped her activities at the halfway point of this event; and Caitlin G. brought us her weekly reading check-in!

Aaaand that’s finally it for this week’s round-up! We’re at the halfway point, and though our minds may be turning toward the journey back down to earth, there’s still so much to discover. Keep it up, dear Fleet – you’re doing fabulously!


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