Lisa & Jorie Present: A Closed and Common Orbit Read-Along!


Normally I like to bury myself in fantasy over the winter season, but this January I’m making an exception for an exceptional book, with a little help from a fellow Sci-Fi Month Fleet member and all round joyful nerd, Jorie. Keep reading for more info!



The deal is simple. As we did with The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet for this past Sci-Fi Month in November, Jorie and I are organising a read-along for the sequel, also in Twitter chat format. So here’s the reading breakdown and the schedule for the reading/chats:


  • Monday, December 24th: Readalong begins
  • Week 1 chat: Sunday, January 13th, discussing Part 1
  • Week 2 chat: Sunday, January 20th, discussing Part 2
  • Week 3 chat: Sunday, January 27th, discussing Part 3


The weekly Twitter chats will begin at 8pm UK time, as before, and we’ll be using the hashtag #CommonOrbitRAL. You can find/follow me there @deargeekplace, and Jorie @joriestory.

And I think that’s it! There’s no official sign-up – just get reading, and join us on Twitter at the appointed time (and don’t worry, we’re flexible!) to answer some prompt questions and share your thoughts!

If I’ve missed anything important please do comment, or tweet me and ask!

See you nerds in January, and I CAN’T WAIT.

2 comments On Lisa & Jorie Present: A Closed and Common Orbit Read-Along!

  • Hallo, Hallo Lisa,

    *waves!* Guess who finally as her Becky Chambers books from the library! I decided to borrow 1 & 2 from a different library as the copy I originally read for #smallangryplanet was let’s just say they should have replaced it with a new copy! It really has gone through the ringer – lots of questionable marks and honestly, at one point I think the smell was triggering my allergies! I hung in there – but the main reason I couldn’t get my 3x post live is because I was concerned about re-reading those passages! I wanted to borrow it sooner but ooh! That naughty virus took me down *hard!* in December! Still trying to shake it off now — however, the best news is the books came through and look equally loved but without the chaos of the first library! I also have the option to listen to the audiobook this time round, so I’ll have that in abeyance just in case! Seriously can’t wait til Sunday!!

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