Schedule: Song of the Lioness

New blog, new month … new weekly reading! First up as I return to this feature is Tamora Pierce’s Song of the Lioness Quartet, beginning with Alanna: The First Adventure! Check out the schedule for Book 1 below.



  • Part 1: Chapters 1-4, reading on Saturday 7th July, review on Tuesday 10th
  • Part 2: Chapters 5-7, reading on Saturday 14th July, review on Tuesday 17th


As I did before, I’ll be tweet-sharing some thoughts as I read each Saturday (beginning at 9pm UK time), using the hashtag #lionessquartet. Feel free to join me in reading, or just to grab some popcorn and enjoy my brand of excitable real-time musing/snarking/yelling/flailing!

NOTE: At the moment, the plan is to read the entire Quartet of books – but I am only planning to get through the first book this month, as I will be taking a much anticipated holiday afterward which is likely to disrupt any sort of regular posting schedule. So I’ll be covering The First Adventure in July, and returning to Book 2 as early as possible in August. Keep an eye out for the next schedule then!



4 comments On Schedule: Song of the Lioness

  • Hallo, Hallo Lisa!

    🙂 I can know update my sidebar to reflect your lovely beautiful new site!! I was awaiting your official announcement before I did this as I knew you were getting ‘settled’. I have good news! One of my libraries has the books – I wish they had the beautiful omnibus your reading, but at least they have the individual stories? I’m hoping to fetch this before the weekend and thereby, not be too far behind you – I might get lucky and have enough time to read the chapters ahead of your first convo and then, be right in-line to be on reading target for the next batch!

    I’ll hedge my bet though and get the second adventure by the close of July to be ready for August’s RAL!

    I strive to get one of these RALs accomplished! I have the dearest hope this time, the fates will resolve my angst of having to pull out of a RAL whilst mid-way through and keep in-line with the readers!! Here’s to fourth chances! lol

    Queuing for borrow:

    *Alanna, the First Adventure
    *In the Hand of the Goddess

    • Yeeeeeeees good! Come on, Jorie’s Library, don’t let us down! <3

      • Hallo, Hallo Lisa!

        I have smashing news! 🙂 I was able to get the copy I need for the first half of the discussion! The only downside, my week went with the wind! I’ve only read the first few pages – where Alanna and Thom are discussing the woes of being the wrong gender per each field their keenly interested in pursuing? Their hatching their mad brill idea of switching places despite the fact they haven’t done so previously!? I need to *catch-up!* today before I enter into the chat-fest on Twitter!

        You’ll see my threads entering into the fray as soon as I’m able to get back online! We have some circling storms ATM which are just ‘lovely’ if you love high winds, tornadic conditions and blinding rains! Hold fast, I’ll be coming up behind you and seeing what you and Imyril have said about the story!! Eek. I’m just thrilled I have the book in hand!!

        PS: I checked, the library can find the second book for me and I’ll have it for *four weeks!* I’ll let them start fetching that in two weeks to coordinate the timeline for August.

        • Yay! I should have my review of the first four chapters up on Tuesday (10th!), but there’s no rush for your catch-up. 😉

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