Marvel’s Black Widow: Bad Blood Episode 9, “Black Tie”

In this episode, our heroes clean up nice because it’s time to go to a party. But it might be bad timing, given Natasha’s health concerns…

Let’s discuss Bad Blood.

Note: This review will contain spoilers!


Art by Jamie McKelvie


Quick recap:

Natasha managed to infiltrate VECTOR and talk to Karbayeva, only to discover that she’s been ‘working’ for Allan Holt, billionaire philanthropist and healthcare golden boy … but naturally this only leaves her with more questions than ever. The easiest solution? Cross his path at a high-society gala in Geneva (with Barnes) and figure out a way to get him alone and get answers. To that end, it’s time to go shopping…


This is one of those “pause for breath” episodes, the part of the story where Something Dramatic has happened and it’s a good place to pull back a little and let the reader regroup, and give them something generally lighter, less intense, to read while they take that breather. And in this case, “something less intense” means putting both Bucky Barnes and Natasha Romanoff in fancy clothes and letting them Look At Each Other. Significantly.

I love this sort of tropey moment, I won’t lie. I am gleeful about it here. They’re going to infiltrate and acquire information, possibly by forceful means, sure. But he is WEARING A TUXEDO and she is IN A FANCY DRESS and they are CLEARLY ATTRACTED TO EACH OTHER and as relatively fluffy moments go, I am living for it. That little moment where Bucky sees Nat in the gown she chooses and can’t form proper words? *Chef kiss*

I could happily stay in this rom-com mode for a while longer. I know we’re not going to. But I can dream. And this is the kind of stuff my not so secret romance-trope-loving dreams are made of.

On the other hand, I hope they get to kick sufficient ass and take the appropriate names before the relapse hammer comes down on Natasha. That really is terrible timing, by the way. Ibuprofen’s not going to cut it, Nat, be careful…

Parting thought: Consider that timing, though. Is Allan Holt going to have the answers for why they got sick in the first place, and what can be done about it? Will he share with the class? And just what IS his deal anyway? How and why is he even mixed up in all this? Is he the mastermind, or some form of interesting bystander? Somewhere in between the two?

Questions, questions everywhere.



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