The Week in Geek: Cowboys, Royalty and the NeoG

Hello again! So I’m trying something new here, in place of attempting (with much resistance from my brain chemistry I guess) to post regular full-length reviews: welcome to the Dear Geek Place weekly round-up!

Check out what I’ve been reading/watching/doing as SciFi Month 2021 has kicked off…



The NeoG novels by K.B. Wagers had been on my radar (and on my Kindle) for a while, but I decided that SciFi Month was the perfect time to start ticking things off my TBR and these were among the top of the list – along with the Indranan War trilogy by the same author, but hopefully I’ll get (back) to those soon enough…

Guys, K.B. Wagers is quickly becoming a go-to author of SF for me. And not for nothing but A Pale Light in the Black, specifically, made me take an interest in what amounts to a sporting event in space. Me, interested in sports! That is hero-level skill. It is writing wizardry and Wagers is Gandalf.

So I can wholeheartedly encourage you to read these books if you haven’t, and that’s before we get to the found family, the corporate espionage, the well-meaning leader who messes up and the robot dog. Yes that’s right I said ROBOT DOG. Who is, of course, the goodest of boys.

3, 2, 1, let’s jam…

It’s taken me a while, but I finally got there. (Story of my geek life, I know.)

Cowboy Bebop has been generating some fresh buzz lately thanks to the upcoming live-action version coming to Netflix, but I’m here to talk about the original anime, which I have been gleefully enjoying after work of a night, and you can follow along as I livetweet my way through each episode! I’m only a handful of episodes in, but I love it, you guys.

The intro. The characters (EIN). Their snappy interactions (Spike and Jet give me life). The music! It’s glorious and I’m only sorry I waited this long to get into it. And not for nothing, but the short (sweet) length of each episode is perfect for my attention span. I was a little worried I’d get restless over it, but it is not so!

And yes, before anyone asks I will probably (most definitely?) also be watching the live action version just as soon as it lands, and when I’ve gotten through this series. I just. I need it. I need all of it.



The SciFi Month Read Along has begun! You can check out my thoughts for Week 1 here, and I’ll be sharing links from other participants in the upcoming Week 1 Mission Log! But I’m so happy to be rereading Winter’s Orbit by Everina Maxwell; it’s absolutely been one of my favourite SF releases of this year, and I can’t recommend it enough – especially if you like a healthy dose of romance in your SF!

What else is new?



Ten Low is my first foray into Stark Holborn’s work, and while I have yet to finish the book, I have to say that if this is any indication of how good the writer is, I am going to want more. It reads like a space western, a little bit Dune, a little bit Mad Max: Fury Road, a whole lot bit rapid-fire amazingness. It’s making me want to reread Hunger Makes the Wolf by Alex Wells. Can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

I think that’s it for the moment! I’ve got so much media to consume. Better get on with it! See you next time…


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