Angels, Demons, and Doors: Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Part 2

In the second part of Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Akiva enters the story and everything goes wild. WHAT IS GOING ON.

Spoilers follow for chapters 8-15.


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A Mission From God?

So here we get to meet one of the angels (my guess in the last post was almost right – SERAPHIM?!) who’s been marking the otherworldly portals with those handprints. AKIVA IS SUCH A BADASS AND A LITTLE BIT FRIGHTENING.

But what exactly is his deal? He’s all set to carry out his duty (whatever the heck that is) but then he discovers Karou, decides she must be destroyed … but can’t kill her? Or doesn’t want to?

So I knew something was Going On with Karou, but now that something involves a freaking angel being fascinated enough with her to be distracted from whatever mission he’s on? This is obviously BIG and I have so many questions. Especially given that my take is that Akiva suspects he already knows her somehow? I could be wrong about that – I was already in high flail mode during the scene where he tries to kill her (god help me, I want fan art of that scene SO BADLY) and might have missed any subtle clues. But! WHAT A SCENE.

O Brimstone, Where Art Thou?


This can’t be good, right? Angels are on a mission to destroy the demonic(?) portals into the mortal world, and one minute Brimstone is getting unexpectedly emotional about Karou deciding to leave him, and then he vanishes somewhere?


I’m a little dizzy over how quickly Brimstone is starting to destroy my feelings here, people. He is big and bad and mysterious and so totally an affectionate father figure, I can’t stand it. BUT WHERE DID HE GO?!


The Plot Thickens

So, yeah. I have questions all over the place. Am I right about some sort of connection between Akiva and Karou, personal or otherwise? (I suspect angel blood in Karou, somehow. DON’T TELL ME ANYTHING YET.)

Is Brimstone now on the back foot because of all these angelic appearances? Is he running? Hiding? Planning something else? And where does Karou fit into it all?

Did Issa break some kind of rule by letting Karou into the shop while Brimstone is gone? If so, why is that a rule? And what’s going to come of it? IF THE SNAKE LADY GETS PUNISHED OR HURT I WILL RIOT.

I already can’t take this, you guys. I cannot.

I’m going back in.




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